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Not For Sale by Robyn Douglas

Mixed (A2)
Peep Holes
Ink,crayon, watercolour pencil,graphite
Reclining Nude
Acrylic, ink,pencil, collage (595mm x 420mm)
Fused and slumped glass
Red Poppy
Fused and slumped glass (145mmH x 260mmW)
Ice Drop
Acrylic, ink, watercolour (420mm x 510mm)
Still Life with Jug
fused glass (280mm square)
CLEAR RIDGED square bowl
fused glass (250mm square)
Kairuru marble (55mm x 175mm x 135mm)
Concave Form
fused glass (250mm square)
acrylic pen on canvas (460mm H x 910mm W)
fused glass  (220mm square)
fused glass (220mm x 2300mm)
fused glass (250mm diameter)
RED, BLACK circular plate*
fused glass (310mmL x 170mmW x 20mmH)
STRIPED oblong platter
fused glass with pattern bars (215mmL x 150mmW x 35mmH)
RED TOTEM curved rectangular plate
fused glass (300mmL x 215mmW x 10H)
BLUEGREEN striped platter
fused glass with pattern bars (200mmL x 175mmW x 30mmH)
RED AND BLUE curved rectangular plate
fused glass with pattern bars (200mmL x 190mmW x15mmH)
ORIENTAL DANCE flat platter
Kairuru Marble
Little Basin
Kairuru Marble
Big Basin
acrylic pen on canvas (460mmH x 910mm W)
acrylic pen on canvas (250mmx750mm)
fused glass (275mmL x 210mmW x 15mmH)
RED flat platter
acrylic pen
Net Paintings trypditch
Black Marble (250mm x 110mm)
Freeform view 1
oil on canvas (800mm x 600mm)
Standing on a Jetstream
Mixed Media
Musical Still life

Scotty's sculpture 2
Hinuera Stone
Scotty's sculpture
Acrylic on Paper
Autumn in the City
watercolour,ink and collage on Paper
The Sound of Music
Mixed Media and collage on Board (800mm x 800mm)
Whirl of Activitiy
Kairuru marble (80mm x 260mm x 170mm)
Leaf Form view 3
Watercolour and Indian ink
Still Life with Figures
Acrylic on Paper (600mm x 500mm)
Spring Series 1 By The Pond
Mixed Media
Cellar Door
Mixed Media
Portrait of the Artist's House
Acrylic on Paper (375mm x 500mm)
Spring Series 5 Spring Sunlight
Kairuru marble
Peak Formation
Mixed media and Collage on Board
For Hamish
Oil on Canvas (1210mm x 840mm)
Into Thin Air
Oil on Board (1200mm x 860mm)
Summer Solstice
Oil on Board (440mm x 860mm)
Portrait of the Artist in a Shirt
watercolour and crayon on paper
Still Life with Mirrors
470mm x 550mm (Crayon and Gouache on Pastel Paper)
Girl in a Hat
Collage and Mixed Media on Board (600mm x 620mm)
Model By Moonlight
  Watercolour on paper (410 x 295)
The Blue Vase

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